6 Common Causes of Car Crashes

6 Common Causes of Car Crashes

Every time you hop behind the wheel and pull out into traffic, you're at some risk of being involved in a collision. You might be the most cautious driver in the county, but unfortunately you can't control the reckless behavior of others. If you get in an accident, the top priority is tending to everyone's physical and mental well-being. Then you'll need to take the necessary steps to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, which will keep you safer if you're involved in another collision at a later date. Here are six common causes of auto accidents.

Distracted Driving

It comes as no surprise that distracted driving is the modern era's top cause of car wrecks. Per the National Safety Council, cell phone use is the reason for approximately 1.6 million accidents annually.


Speed limits are calculated in a way that prioritizes driver safety. Even when the speed limit might seem low, there are typically good reasons for it. Exceeding the speed limit means you'll have less time to react when a safety threat suddenly arises.

Drunk Driving

According to the NHTSA, over 25 Americans die on average every day in alcohol-related collisions. While drunk driving penalties have harshened in some regions, this remains a major problem.

Aggressive Driving

Common types of aggressive driving include tailgating and unsafe lane changes. Such behavior puts innocent people at serious risk. If it's clear that someone's aggressive driving is endangering others, then you may want to report them to the authorities.

Night Driving

After dark, roadway hazards are harder to spot. This makes it very important to ensure that at night you're always driving with properly functioning headlights.

Bad Weather Conditions

Rain slickens roads and reduces visibility, creating conditions that are more likely to lead to accidents, especially if driving at night.

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Posted: June 2, 2021

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