Recent Reviews of O.C Bumper & Body in Irvine, CA

Recent Reviews of O.C Bumper & Body in Irvine, CA

Recent Reviews of O.C Bumper & Body in Irvine, CAIf your car has suffered body damage, you'll want to make sure the repairs are done by a reputable professional. It's very important that the vehicle is restored to a safely operable condition, especially if there's frame damage, which can make the vehicle highly unsafe to drive. At O.C. Bumper & Body, we specialize in collision repair in the greater Irvine, CA area. Our local body shop is a proud member of the Orange County small business community, and we take great pride in serving our neighbors. And we always appreciate it when our customers take the time to provide us with feedback. Here's a look at some of our recent customer reviews.

"I had a little bumper issue with my MBZ. I took my car by the shop and got a quick assessment from Frank. I really appreciate how much of a straight shooter the guy is. He told me to bring the car by the shop on a Monday morning and he was able to fix the issue the same day! I'm so happy with the final result. I would highly recommend Frank for all your car's bumper and body needs!" -- Robin S.

"Frank's a really good guy and real. He explains to you what is practical and other repair options. My Tesla model Y had a severe scratch/dent on the rear passenger door which was successfully fixed in a timely manner. Price is very reasonable. I would definitely come back. Thanks Frank!" -- Jeffrey Y.

"Frank is a stand up guy. His work is very methodical and he does a fantastic job! The turn around time was one day. I will be bringing my other Land Rover to get my mirror fixed. I can't say enough good things about his company and business practices. I will be referring anyone that needs work done on their vehicles to OC bumper and body. His estimate was actually 100 cheaper than the final payment. His moral ethics, integrity, and great turn around time along with the fact he does a great job is why this business will be around for a long time." -- Sean O.

"Frank is a SUPERSTAR!!! I called to ask for a pre purchase vehicle inspection since I was buying from a private owner. Unfortunately they were closed, but Frank answered the phone and literally walked me through everything. He talked to me for about 15 minutes on his day off! He helped me and told me everything I should look for. This guy is awesome and I'll probably make the hour drive just to get serviced by him. Awesome experience and super nice guy!!!! Thank you again Frank!" -- Benjamin M.

"Above and beyond!" -- Behzad N.

Collision Repair in Irvine, CA

When you need collision repair in Irvine and the surrounding area, contact O.C. Bumper & Body at (949) 288-2323. At our local body shop, we can expertly address any of your car's cosmetic needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: September 2022

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