5 Important Steps to Take Following a Car Wreck

5 Important Steps to Take Following a Car Wreck

Immediately following a car wreck, what's most important is checking yourself and others for injuries. Then, if no one needs medical attention, you'll want to follow a series of steps to ensure that the repairs are properly paid for through insurance, and your vehicle is fixed in a timely fashion. Here are five steps to take following a collision.

Check for Injuries

Before the dust settles on the accident scene, you'll want to see if anyone needs medical attention. In some cases, the shock of the accident prevents injuries from being readily apparent. Then, the injury can be made worse because the proper precautions weren't taken. If you think that there's any chance that you or a passenger suffered an injury, it's best to just go ahead and have a medical professional do an evaluation.

Call the Police

Especially if there's any disagreement over who was to blame for the accident, you'll want to have an officer come and sort things out. The police report can be useful evidence for insurance matters, as well as court proceedings if there are any.

Gather Evidence

As long as you haven't suffered an injury, it's worth spending some time to document the accident scene. By taking pictures and jotting down notes regarding what happened, you could have some valuable evidence for insurance claims.

Contact Insurance Company

It's best to get in touch with your insurance company while still at the accident scene. This way, your insurance agent can help you be sure that you've gathered any necessary information before leaving.

Get Repairs Done at a Reputable Body Shop

While your insurance agent might suggest that you go to a specific shop, it's ultimately up to you to decide where to get your vehicle repaired.

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Posted: March 24, 2021

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